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What Is The Good And How To Connect The Conveyor Belt Connector?

Oct 10, 2017

All the Conveyor Belt must be ring into the use, so the Conveyor Belt joints directly affect the service life of the Conveyor Belt and conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly. General Conveyor Belt joints commonly used methods are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, heat curing joints.
What is the good and how to connect the Conveyor Belt connector?
Conveyor Belt mechanical joint method: generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints, this joint method is convenient and convenient, but also more economical, but the joint efficiency is low, easy to damage, the Conveyor Belt product life have a certain impact. PVC and PVG core flame retardant antistatic Conveyor Belt connector, the general 8 with the following products are used this joint method.
Conveyor Belt Cold bonding method: that is, the use of cold adhesive to carry out joints. This joint method is more efficient than the mechanical joint, but also more economical, should be able to have a better joint effect, but from the practice point of view, because the process conditions are more difficult to grasp, and the quality of the adhesive on the joint effect is very large, So it is not very stable.
Conveyor Belt heat vulcanization joint method: proved to be the ideal of a joint method, to ensure high joint efficiency, but also very stable, joint life is also very long, easy to grasp. But there are processes such as trouble, high cost, short joint time and other shortcomings.
The use of the process of Conveyor Belt damage is inevitable things, then how to repair damaged Conveyor Belt?
Conveyor Belt cold vulcanization repair
The Conveyor Belt broken parts with angle grinder with tungsten steel grinding disc to polish.
According to the size of the damaged parts of the Conveyor Belt to choose the corresponding size with a semi-vulcanized Conveyor Belt repair patch or repair (repair or repair pieces at least 20 ~ 20mm damaged parts) Yin US special recommended with semi-vulcanized layer repair, repair Sheet, without semi-vulcanized layer of the material is recommended to deepen the bonding surface grinding.
Will be damaged parts of the Conveyor Belt and Conveyor Belt repair side of the semi-vulcanized surface coated with adhesive tape, dry for a while, and then the second time brushing (dry to sticky stick so far, at room temperature in general five minutes).
Will be patched on the Conveyor Belt polished surface, with a rubber hammer or compaction roller to beat compaction, out of the air.
Tips: If the ambient temperature is too low recommended the use of iodine tungsten lamp or hot air gun heating 0.5-1 hours, if allowed to extend the appropriate heating time, will help improve the bonding surface strength.
Conveyor Belt heat vulcanization repair
According to the size of the Conveyor Belt damage, along the damaged at least around 15 ~ 20mm, cut out the cutting line to 45 degrees angle oblique cut, and stripped of damaged cap rubber, cutting attention to not damage the following cloth layer or wire layer The 2. Conveyor Belt broken parts with angle grinder with tungsten steel discs for deep grinding, it is recommended to polish 3mm.
The polished Conveyor Belt is covered with a fabric reinforcing layer or a steel wire reinforcing layer. The reinforcing layer and the damaged part are coated with a hot vulcanizing agent, and the inner wall of the unvulcanized core is cut into the slant, and the hot vulcanizing agent is also applied The size of the unvulcanized gum is the same as the size of the damaged part.
With the popularity of Conveyor Belts in industrial production, many varieties, high performance, lightweight, multi-functional, long life is the manufacturer concerned about several aspects. In industrial production, the correct use of Conveyor Belt is particularly important, the Conveyor Belt in use should pay attention to the following matters:
To avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material in the drum and tape between the attention of the Conveyor Belt part of the lubrication, but not oil Conveyor Belt; to prevent the Conveyor Belt load start; Timely to take measures to correct; found that the Conveyor Belt local damage, the application of artificial cotton timely repair, so as not to expand; to avoid the Conveyor Belt suffered a rack, pillars or block material block, to prevent breaking the tear.