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What About The Flat Transmission Belt De-stratified Problem?

Jul 06, 2017

What about the Flat Transmission Belt de-stratified problem?

The flat transmission belt manufacturer is solving the problem of the flat transmission belt, and then reconstructing the rubber structure while strengthening the training of worker skills. Focus adjustment with core width, the original core shop together again after above glue instead of in the middle tier above glue, and up and down a cascade structure, greatly enhance the adhesion of boundary between rubber and core, increases the adhesive wear resistance, not only solve the problem of separation, and make the Flat Transmission Belt first-grade product rate of 99%.

With industrial development, the demand for electricity tension, usher in the high-speed development of the coal industry, the demand of conveyor belt increase greatly, how to improve the service life of the conveyor belt, reduce the cost of coal mining development has become an urgent problem. Since the Flat Transmission Belt has the advantages of light weight, high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, it is very popular with users. Because of the bad Flat Transmission Belt used in coal mines often damp, dark environment, often appear side glue off delaminating problem, which affects production and even cause the whole conveyor belt scrap, huge economic losses, in view of the problems, on the one hand, strengthen professional skills training, strictly implement process regards quality as life, on the other hand to modify conveyor belt and rubber structure.

1. The characteristics of the original side glue structure and the quality problems of the Flat Transmission Belt

Side glue shape approximate ellipse, the thickest 15 mm, the widest 35 mm.

(1) the Flat Transmission Belt is in a plane with the core layer of the core, so the side glue and the core adhesion are small, and the glue is easy to fall off - causing the delamination.

(2) the Flat Transmission Belt is too large (20 mm) and easy to take side of the belt due to the top and bottom of the belt.

(3) the flat transmission belt has a radian in the upper and lower top and the side glue, which can lead to the edge glue crack and the dissection.

(4) the flat conveyor belt should be pulled by different thickness conveyor due to the single size of side glue, which not only has great labor intensity, but also has unstable quality, which can lead to uneven width of the embryo. The easy to take side of the dew, the side sponge causes the dissection.

In summary, the gluing variety is single, and the unreasonableness of the side glue is the main cause of the removal.

2. The flat transmission belt improves the glue structure and characteristics

Bottom edge glue shape remains unchanged, with core side and the second layer stagger 10 mm, the remaining 2 ~ 3 mm layer stagger, to the middle tier on glue, part of the core layer stagger on 2 ~ 3 mm, the top 10 mm, pressure side adhesive new edge glue show a ladder structure.

(1) the Flat Transmission Belt is changed from 20 mm to 10mm by adjusting the width of the bottom of the core and the width of the top layer.

(2) the Flat Transmission Belt thanks to ladder structure, increase the contact area edge glue with core, the core and glue adhesion increase greatly, make the edge glue firmly fixed in the core, basic solve side glue not wear-resisting, easy to fall off.

(3) the Flat Transmission Belt has no empty edge between the side glue and the core with the new side glue process, and the rubber cracking and the sponge are eliminated.

(4) Flat Transmission Belt by trial and error, two side adhesive types for our new research and development, change the past due to edge glue type single quality is not stable, not only reducing consumption of glue and improve the quality of the conveyor belt.

3. The process of flat transmission belt has influence on the separation and measures

3.1 flattening of flat transmission belt

When the canvas is damp or greasy, the gelatine will affect the adhesion between the cover and the core and the layer to cause the stripping. In order to make the canvas clean, the rubber should be fully heated by the heat mixer to prevent the cloth falling glue.

3.2 flat transmission belt forming two series

(1) the uneven width of the Flat Transmission Belt belt will cause the vulcanization difficulty, causing the side glue sponge and the side dew. So the core width should be measured frequently.

(2) the Flat Transmission Belt adhesive tape glue, white strip, and bad cloth, the oil debris will affect the adhesion of the glue and cloth layer, cloth layer and cloth layer, leading to the bubbling, and must be cleaned with gasoline to drive the car.

The flat transmission belt vulcanization process

(1) improper packing of the Flat Transmission Belt should cause obvious scars, dews and glue-rubber sponges to carefully check the width, thickness and appearance of the embryo, and match the suitable iron.

(2) when the Flat Transmission Belt vulcanization is elongated, the embryo should be set in order to achieve four center and one flexibility.