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The V - Belt Joint Method Of Nylon V - Belt

Jun 21, 2017

The V - belt joint method of nylon V - belt

All the V-belt must be connected into a ring to use, so the V-belt connector directly affects the V-belt life and transmission line can run smoothly and smoothly. General V-joint commonly used methods are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, heat curing joints.

Nylon V Belt maintenance and maintenance

1, transport tape in the transport and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, to prevent acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances in contact, and one meter away from the heating device.

2, the storage temperature should keep a warehouse between 18-40 ℃, relative humidity should be maintained at between 50-80%.

3, during storage, the product must be placed in volume, not folded, placed during the quarter should be turned once.

4, different types, specifications of the number of V-band should not be used together, the joint is best to use glue method.

5, the type of transmission tape, structure, specifications, layers should be based on the use of reasonable selection.

6, the conveyor belt speed should not be greater than 2.5 m / s, large block, large wear materials and the use of fixed pear discharge device should be used as low as possible.

7, the transport drive drum diameter and the relationship between the V-belt, drive roller, to the roller matching and the requirements of the roller groove angle should be based on the design of the transport aircraft, a reasonable selection.

8, the feeding direction should be along the direction of the tape, in order to reduce the impact of the material when the tape should be chipped the chute, reduce the material falling distance; tape by the material should be shortened idler spacing and the use of buffer roller for leakage, With the use of soft and moderate to match the plate, so as not to file board too hard, scratch the V Belt with the surface.

9, V Belt in use should pay attention to the following: ① to avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material in the roller and tape, pay attention to the activities of the lubrication, but not oil transport tape; With the load to start; ③ tape occurred deviation, the application to take measures to correct; ④ found that local wear and tear of the tape when the repair, so as not to expand;

Nylon V Belt wear standard measurement requirements:

With the reference to the international standard with a rotating device to measure the wear resistance of V rubber, the latest provisions of the standard so that the sample in a certain level of sand on the friction and wear, measured V Belt volume wear, to correct the emery as a benchmark , The test results are expressed in terms of volume wear or wear index relative to a certain standard gel;

At the specified contact pressure and on a given area, the lateral movement, the wear is produced at one end of the cylindrical specimen, the mass loss is measured to calculate the volume of wear, the wear resistance of the material, expressed as wear or wear index , The standard nylon rubber conveyor belt wear and test glue wear ratio, expressed as a percentage.