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The Superiority Of Rubber Sheet

Aug 29, 2017

The superiority of Rubber Sheet
 Rubber plate with high hardness, is the rubber as the main material (which can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforced materials), by vulcanization and made a certain thickness and a larger area of sheet products, referred to as plastic sheet. So what are the advantages of Rubber Sheet in life? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.
    In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, rubber products reveal its strong vitality. Such as in the construction industry, the current building more use of cement prefabricated panels, such as the floor in the laying of Rubber Sheet, can reduce the sound, while helping to improve the floor life. Rubber plate can also be made of various density plastic window, which can effectively eliminate the air leakage, leakage of the problem. With the development of production and living needs change, Rubber Sheet can produce different colors of black, gray, green, blue and so on to meet the needs of different enterprises and life.
    In the industrial industry, Rubber Sheet is mainly used in anti-corrosion, wear, impact resistance to protect the use of equipment and devices. In the mining of its Rubber Sheet is mainly wear-resistant, impact-resistant protection of its equipment and related pipeline equipment, to extend its equipment and other service life. In the cultural and educational system is generally used for printing plate. With the innovation and development of social science and technology, Rubber Sheet as an emerging technology and synthetic materials have been selected by more and more industries, from the scope and use of a wide range of industrial and mining enterprises, transportation and construction housing and other aspects of the ground , This material plays a special role. In daily life we have access to a sealed apron, pads, doors and windows seals and laying the table and floor.
    Of course, with the continuous development of technology, the future use and function of Rubber Sheet will be more and more widely, rubber plate will have more and more advantages.
In general, in the industrial sector, the main application of Rubber Sheet is corrosion, wear, impact resistance to protect its use of equipment and devices, because the adjustable and efficient wear, anti-skid and other effects, such as thermal power plant desulfurization system and water Dealing with the field of corrosion. In the above areas, the Rubber Sheet is mainly used for anti-corrosion, and in the mining of its Rubber Sheet is mainly wear-resistant, impact protection of its equipment and related pipeline equipment, to extend its equipment and other life. It can be said in the industry, the Rubber Sheet can be described as a versatile versatile. It is important to choose a different Rubber Sheet for different working conditions. Because according to different recipes, we can do a different environment to achieve its actual use requirements, so the corresponding process is also different. For example: the construction site is simple, outdoor indoor places, the more wear-resistant anti-skid more concerned about the choice of rubber plate is also cooked rubber plate or self-vulcanized Rubber Sheet; and in the use of ambient temperature is too high, we will choose to adjust the formula, Tank vulcanization vulcanized Rubber Sheet, can be done to improve the temperature of the rubber plate performance.
 Rubber plate and other insulating ground protection materials compared with a good elasticity, anti-skid good function, good waterproof, easy bedding and so on. Development has been in use has gradually replaced the traditional ceramic, wood, glass, plastic and other insulating materials. Insulation rubber flooring color has a variety of colors to choose from, often use the color of black, red, green and so on; rubber plate surface with flat, striped, round button; thickness in accordance with the breakdown voltage from 3mm- 12mm range, usually according to the customer's choice to determine the specific rubber plate specifications; rubber board insulation function, in accordance with the actual request from 5KV V-35KV is divided into a variety of specifications.