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The Meaning Of Recycling Of Conveyor Belt

Jul 06, 2017

The meaning of recycling of Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt of the significance of recycling with the development of human beings, the progress of the society, the resources used by more and more people, now take measures to tackle it is to research and development of new energy, or the limited resources of the existing recycling. Therefore, it is very important to recycle the old Conveyor Belt. Let me tell you about it.

The recycled nylon Conveyor Belt is an organic plastic product that is widely seen in life. Not only in use process should pay attention to maintenance, but also for some of the shallow depth of damage or you can repair the damage of Conveyor Belt, to reuse in a timely manner, because it will produce certain economic value. Secondary utilization of scrap Conveyor Belt, its performance is not lower than new Conveyor Belt, and the wastage of the scrap Conveyor Belt would also reduce cost and at a relatively low cost to gain more economic benefits, effectively save the energy, is an all-in-one solution.

A large, damaged Conveyor Belt, which could be rerenovated or not transported, could be used to pave the road. To make effective use of energy. Because the total energy of the earth is fixed, the use of people is increasing. Therefore, the recycling of existing energy is a very important thing to pay attention to, rationally utilizing resources, using resources and recycling resources, is the theme of harmonious development of society today. We should strictly adhere to this theme and jointly create an economical and friendly society.

Choice of architecture material is very strict when producing Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Belt with different functions to canvas architecture material requirements are also different, if the material is different, you can't mix all kinds of problems or it will make the Conveyor Belt. The stretch of the canvas depends on the bending degree of the structural material, so we should pay special attention to the stretch of the canvas. Here's a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit about what's going to be the problem with the reduction in the curl of the Conveyor Belt.

1. The bottom of the Conveyor Belt is prone to wrinkle, which eventually leads to the problem of stratification and degumming of the Conveyor Belt.

If the Conveyor Belt becomes distorted wrinkling, under the rubber material will deform and architecture, people will adopt the method of shear, resulting in rubber and damaged structure materials are connected together, and by a separation between the top and the action of forces continue for a long time, resulting in Conveyor Belt layered degumming.

2. The performance of the fatigue resistance decreased.

The structural material is applied to the tensile stress in the form of the tensile stress only. The fatigue performance of the former can be significantly reduced even if the variation range is equal.

3. The impact performance of nylon conveyor is lower.

The composition of canvas determines the magnitude of impact resistance of the Conveyor Belt. Usually, if the vertical curvature of the canvas is bent, the transverse curvature of the canvas increases. Then we can briefly analyze the warp and the curve of the canvas, so we can see that the current situation of the yarns is very relaxed. If it is in a state of bending transverse yarn, when material impact on the canvas, the impact mainly comes from vertical force, yarn and yarn cross just stretch of curly part, no stress, also would not drive the impact point outside of the vertical yarn stress together, obviously shock resistance is bad.