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The Flat Transmission Belt Industry Must Adhere To The Path Of Sustainable Development

Jul 17, 2017

The Flat Transmission Belt industry must adhere to the path of sustainable development

With the rapid development of national economy in our country, our country's energy, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, wharf and other industry has gained great development opportunities, and Flat Transmission Belt products is closely related to the development of these industries, as well as the development of the national economy played a very key role. And in the international market environment, China rubber industry Flat Transmission Belt industry faced with the new environment, how long have maintained a sound momentum of development, more and more attention from the industry. Flat Transmission Belt industry is rapidly developing Flat Transmission Belt was the second largest after the tire rubber industry products, mainly used in coal, wharf, metallurgy, machinery industry material handling and warehousing, the product quality, specifications, varieties and application scope to a certain extent, marks the development level of national economy and technology.

During the period of China & ldquo, the high-strength and flame-retardant Flat Transmission Belt was listed as the focus of technical renovation. After 20 years of efforts, has become a leading high-tech products, which is used for long distance conveying and impact resistant, laceration resistant and abrasion resistant steel cable Flat Transmission Belt, used to transport the flame retardant of Flat Transmission Belt to ensure the safety of the coal mine, used in food, electronics and other Flat Transmission Belt conveying of non polluting light is dominant.

After years of efforts, our country built like Qingdao independent research and development of steel cable Flat Transmission Belt, nylon belt, EP Flat Transmission Belt, the coal mine use MT668 flame retardant wire rope standard Flat Transmission Belt, MT669 standard wire rope traction high strength Flat Transmission Belt products. Its Flat Transmission Belt product independent development innovation, whether in the product standard, technical level, or in terms of product varieties, the service life of all reach the advanced level of similar products in the developed countries.

Of course, due to the domestic market is not standard, there is also a lot of disordered competition in the industry. One is blind development, the enterprise is small and scattered; Non-standard production, sale price; Third, brand awareness is poor, only the price is low, regardless of quality; Fourth, the macro control is weak and the market lacks the necessary reorganization and guidance. Advocate energy saving, security, environmental protection Flat Transmission Belt industry to maintain sustainable development, must adhere to the scientific outlook on development, the development of circular economy and accelerate the technological transformation of energy saving of the industry, eliminate the industry pure pursuit of economic growth and ignored the bad behavior of energy consumption, adhere to the road of sustainable development.

With the increasing of resources and environmental pressures, the price of domestic production factors and resource products will continue to rise. If a 2.5 km route, for example, the length of the Flat Transmission Belt is 5 kilometers, high strength steel cord belt than common flat Flat Transmission Belt will reduce the weight of the nearly 200 tons, with high strength steel rope Flat Transmission Belt static coupling efficiency of 100% above, ordinary Flat Transmission Belt joint efficiency at about 65%, it can be seen on the energy saving, material saving.

Since 1987, according to the national production safety supervision bureau of coal mine with Flat Transmission Belt product safety standard management, has developed in the coal mine safety in production of MT147 standard flat flame retardant wire rope belt products and has higher requirements of MT668 standard Flat Transmission Belt, flame retardant wire rope in the combustion flame retardant, antistatic, roller friction, propane safety performance meets the need of the coal mine safety production. Among them, the standard of MT668 flame retardant belt is China's own development, which is far superior to the standard of USA, Germany, Japan and other countries, and the MT668 standard flame retardant belt produced in China has almost occupied all the domestic market. 1998, independent research and development accord with the coal mine to use MT669 standard wire rope traction Flat Transmission Belt, formed the three pillars, safe products also is the earliest domestic investment to develop secure flame retardant Flat Transmission Belt, the largest production, covering coal production enterprises. In the past five years, the coal industry alone has accumulated more than 700 million yuan in sales.