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The Cause Of The V Belt Fault, And The Exclusion Technique

Sep 19, 2017

The cause of the V Belt fault, and the exclusion technique
V with a small range of small impact, but when there is a fault failure, the harm for the enterprise is very large. As the V Belt structure is very simple, in the ordinary external force under the V Belt will not produce serious problems such as fracture. However, when the actual use of the V Belt, it is inevitable that when the larger objects are transported, the life span of the V Belt is very large if it exceeds the carrying capacity of the V Belt.
Leading to the root cause of the failure of the V Belt
1, transport goods and V Belt carrying capacity does not match
Different V Belt can bear the different transport weight, in the choice of the use of V Belt, the need for enterprises to choose according to the actual needs and purchase V Belt. If there is a difference between the carrying capacity of the V Belt and the transport item, it means that the V Belt may be broken and so on, affecting the safe use of the V Belt.
2, the daily lack of maintenance V Belt
After the completion of the delivery task, companies need to carry out detailed maintenance and maintenance for the V Belt. For all kinds of key parts of the detailed lubrication, in order to ensure that the V Belt in a high efficiency of the running state, to prevent all kinds of potential security failure affect the normal operation of the V Belt. Thus helping enterprises to achieve efficient operation.
3, V with a longer life
If the V Belt is used for a long time, the internal material to produce serious corrosion and so on problems easily lead to V-band fracture. In order to maintain the safety of the V Belt, for many of the longer life of the V Belt products, the need for timely replacement. Replacement of old V Belt with new V Belt can improve the stability of equipment operation.
There are many reasons for the failure of the V Belt fault, which can provide comprehensive protection for the V Belt when the V Belt is used daily, which can reduce the probability of fault failure in the V Belt and help to prolong the service life of the V Belt.
V Belt in the course of running, and sometimes there will be deviation of the phenomenon. In general, due to the V Belt itself caused by V Belt deviation situation is rare, V Belt deviation is mainly the cause of the conveyor. Conveyor because the roller is not parallel, the bracket is not vertical, roller rotation is not flexible reasons, can cause V Belt deviation. For the relatively short V Belt, due to the unilateral roller rotation is not flexible and other factors are relatively large probability of V Belt deviation is relatively large, and the long V Belt, due to the increase in the number of rollers The asymmetry of the side effects will be reduced, so the deviation in the V-band will be less. Of course, except for individual cases, such as: aligning roller swing is not flexible or be tilted fixed, the roller surface is not clean enough, or the external environment, etc., can cause V Belt deviation.
V Belt tension: If the V Belt tension is insufficient, its operation that can not be stable, but also produce V with deviation.
If the conveyor is out of the room and subjected to strong winds, the V Belt or the V Belt or the V Belt is sufficient to produce the skew of the V Belt, Strong winds may also produce deviation.
Conveyor freezes: conveyor roller, drive roller, to the drum pre-cold weather and freeze, so that the parts will run smoothly will produce skew, and the rest, such as skirts, clean, especially in addition to skew Will also hurt the V Belt.
The reason for the deflection of the conveyor can be roughly divided into the support of the V Belt mechanical components and V Belt and other reasons for the formation of the cause.
V canvas: V canvas in the belt to support the tension, if caused by poor manufacturing tension is not even, that will occur V Belt deviation phenomenon.
V joint quality, however, off, V Belt connector is not straight, V Belt can not be engaged in tension, and to be engaged to bear the tension, V Belt connector has a straight phenomenon, the result can not be avoided V Belt deviation The
V with uneven thickness, width and weight or hardness, due to V-joint thickness, width, weight or hardness is difficult to control, can also produce V Belt deviation.