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Structure Of Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Feb 21, 2017

Steel cord reinforcement:The standard steel cords have been hot-dip galvanised and have diameters from 2.6 to 12.8 mm. They are manufactured in 7x7 or 7x19 designs (other designs are possible). Their design allows good rubber saturation and distribution.

Skim layers:A special chemical process provides excellent rubber/metal adhesion in the Steel Cord Conveyor Belt. The design of the steel cords leads to outstanding adhesion that surpasses any standards. Good rubber saturation and high adhesion on each cord provide germanBelt? steel cord conveyor belts with extraordinarily high longevity.

Covers:The covers’ abrasion resistance, tensile strength and elongation value depend on the quality of the chosen combination of covers of the Steel Cord Conveyor Belt.

Lateral reinforcements:The steel cord conveyor belts’ reinforcements consist of lateral steel cords with very high elasticity, or of textile fabric. The lateral reinforcements are worked into the carcass or the cover.

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