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Some Suggestions On Extending The Service Life Of Flat Transmission Belt

Aug 29, 2017

Some Suggestions on Extending the Service Life of Flat Transmission Belt
Company sales staff sales process, always someone said from which a company into a number of Flat Transmission Belts, poor quality, not how long, in fact, the main reason for poor product quality, there are still some reasons in the use of the process, due to Improper use or the conveyor itself causes Flat Transmission Belt with shorter life, there are some tips to extend the life of the Flat Transmission Belt:
1, improve the Flat Transmission Belt drop hopper.
It is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of the Flat Transmission Belt. Improve the capacity of the belt conveyor at the transfer of the hopper, so that the ability to penetrate foreign matter by 2.5 times, long and large foreign matter in the transport process is not easy to stuck in the funnel wall and Flat Transmission Belt between the reduction of foreign body tear Flat Transmission Belt Probability. The gap between the conveyor skirt, so that the gap with the Flat Transmission Belt along the Flat Transmission Belt running more and more large, to solve the coal, large chuck in the Flat Transmission Belt and the problem between the board, eliminating the resulting Flat Transmission Belt damage. Falling the larger hopper, the internal installation of the buffer baffle, to avoid the direct impact of the material Flat Transmission Belt.
2, in the re-roll to the scraping device. In the Flat Transmission Belt along the direction of the roller to add scraping device to eliminate the material to the drum to the bonding problem, to solve the roller bearing caused by the Flat Transmission Belt with local damage.
3, conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer transition at the improvement.
Conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer of the transition length and transition mode, the life of the Flat Transmission Belt greatly affected. To be a reasonable transition design, should try to reduce the Flat Transmission Belt with the loss of plastic, to ensure that there is no Flat Transmission Belt folding, the middle of the phenomenon of bulging, not at the material at the bottom of the material leakage
4, large machine arm Flat Transmission Belt with weight load shedding.
The initial life of the Flat Transmission Belt is very important, and the overweight design is an important reason for the tension of the Flat Transmission Belt and the premature crack aging. To meet the Flat Transmission Belt to carry the basis of the material load Bu, to reduce the weight, the original transport of 1.5 million tons of coal life, extended to 4.5 million t. 20 million t mining system stacker reclaimer boom Flat Transmission Belt with the original design weight of 25t (including weight with the weight of the drum), the original German imports of anti-tear steel belt operations less than 3 million t on the serious stretch of scrap, the two Sub-load reduction 6t counterweight, the use of domestic ordinary steel ribbon, operating more than 800 million t.
5, the direction of the flow adjustment.
The flow direction has an important effect on the service life of the Flat Transmission Belt. The material flow should be operated in the same direction as the Flat Transmission Belt, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment.
6, Flat Transmission Belt with local damage repair technology to extend the service life.
(1) local heat vulcanization
(2) local cold poured, the product is the United States blessing wit (1sfline) technology liquid polymer composite repair materials, Germany and Germany Fukang, but need room temperature indole 10 hours or so;
(3) local cold sticky, the use of Germany Tuppu Tuopu company repair (longitudinal split factory = i), cold glue a T2 composite rubber vertical fill cracks block (need special glue gun).
The two methods are excellent, the manpower and material resources are less, have better wear resistance and reinforcement performance, the recovery time is short, the disadvantage is the high requirements of the environment, can not be restored to the original Flat Transmission Belt surface half of the whole requirements; (4 ) Flat Transmission Belt with spray repair technology. The technology is to mix several liquid materials by special equipment, high pressure sprayed to the belt wear surface. According to the need to spray a certain thickness of the wear layer. Curing time is short, suitable for continuous film into the film wear, the effect is very good, the disadvantage is the need for special equipment.