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Prevention And Treatment Analysis Of Conveyer Belt Deviation

Nov 24, 2016

One, conveying belt deviation and prevention measures (1) improve the quality of installation (2) improving the quality of belt joints (3) strengthening the inspection and maintenance (4) ensure the load does not and (5) ensure normal cleaning device. Second, the method of conveying belt deviation (1) automatic roller adjustment: when conveying belt deviation range when conveying belt deviation and installation of self-aligning idler. (2) the appropriate tension adjustment: when conveying belt deviation and left and right, direction from time to time that the conveyor belt too loose, adjust tension device to eliminate the deviation. (3) single side-roll offset: the conveyor belt always slanting to one side, and can be installed within range number of vertical roll, to reset the tape. (4) to adjust the roller adjustment: conveyor belt deviation at the drum, check that the drum is an exception or a rocky ledge, adjust rotate to horizontal position correctly the cylinder to eliminate the deviation,