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Long-term Storage Of Conveyor Belt Requires Good Storage Space

Sep 19, 2017

Long-term storage of Conveyor Belt requires good storage space
Enterprises rely on the Conveyor Belt to complete the delivery of different types of products, in a certain type of Conveyor Belt is not used for a long time, in order to maintain the safety and stability of the late use of the Conveyor Belt to provide a better preservation environment. Suitable storage environment, can extend the Conveyor Belt storage time, effectively reduce the cost of using Conveyor Belt.
Why does the Conveyor Belt require long-term storage?
Many companies need to use different types of Conveyor Belt when using Conveyor Belt. If a Conveyor Belt needs to be stored for some time, it is necessary for the enterprise to rely on all kinds of professional requirements to complete the Conveyor Belt storage, to ensure that when re-opening the storage Conveyor Belt, the equipment can maintain a high operating efficiency.
Seal the Conveyor Belt
First, environmental choice
Enterprises want to keep the Conveyor Belt better preservation effect, need to select the appropriate environment to complete all the storage process. Especially for many corrosion-resistant Conveyor Belt, if the storage environment exists corrosive substances, and poor air flow, means that the Conveyor Belt storage time is shorter, and easily lead to corrosive damage to the Conveyor Belt , Seriously affecting the late use of Conveyor Belt.
Second, external packaging
After completing the selection of the environment, in order to extend the storage time of the Conveyor Belt, enterprises need to pay attention to the external packaging of the Conveyor Belt. Can choose the high sealing of the bag, you can reduce the Conveyor Belt and air contact, to avoid different degrees of oxidation. Improve the Conveyor Belt packaging effect, you can extend the Conveyor Belt storage time.
Conveyor Belt are critical to the environment and provide a good storage environment that has a profound impact on maintaining operational safety after re-opening of the Conveyor Belt.
Rubber Conveyor Belt is a vital part of the whole conveyor system. The quality of the Conveyor Belt is directly related to whether the manufacturer can produce it normally and may cause a major safety accident. The quality of the rubber Conveyor Belt should be both the appearance and the inner quality. Well, here's a brief introduction to some of the rubber Conveyor Belt quality on the market.
1, first look at the rubber Conveyor Belt of the plastic surface, a good rubber Conveyor Belt plastic surface should be smooth and smooth, no bubbles, folder ditch, dry scar and so on.
2, Shiatsu method: pinch the rubber surface with a nail, rubber with high rubber Conveyor Belt will not be pinch or pinch off, pinch marks will be restored in 3-5 seconds, the lower the rate of recovery of the slower or less Not recovering.
3, the smell method: high rubber content of the rubber Conveyor Belt smell does not choke the nose, the smell of light, with high rubber rubber Conveyor Belt with a very choking smell of the nose.
4, see with the core: high-quality rubber Conveyor Belt with the core layer of the same, paste the thickness of uniform; poor quality Conveyor Belt will appear uneven thickness.
China's high-strength Conveyor Belt of the basic situation, pointed out that the gap with the international advanced level, and put forward the development direction. With the development of China's coal, electricity, metallurgy, building materials, port transportation and other industries, they are more and more demand for Conveyor Belt, especially high-strength Conveyor Belt, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. The strength of the Conveyor Belt is the most important characteristic of the Conveyor Belt to transmit power and carry the material. What kind of Conveyor Belt called high-strength Conveyor Belt, there is no uniform division, the concept is more vague. It is generally believed that high-strength Conveyor Belt refers to the longitudinal full thickness tensile strength of 〖KG2〗 1250N · mm above the Conveyor Belt. The strength of the Conveyor Belt depends mainly on the skeleton material, while the cover layer and the skeleton material and rubber or plastic bonding also plays a corresponding role. Therefore, the concept of high strength should have two meanings: First, the strength of the Conveyor Belt to be high, and second, the Conveyor Belt to life longer. In terms of skeleton material distinction, high-strength Conveyor Belt is mainly steel cord Conveyor Belt, high-grade canvas laminated core Conveyor Belt, high-grade overall fabric Conveyor Belt, and wire rope Conveyor Belt.