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Installation And Commissioning Of Conveyor Belt

Jun 28, 2017

Installation and commissioning of Conveyor Belt
First of all, in the installation of new Conveyor Belt or maintenance of the old Conveyor Belt, the most important thing is to ensure that the Conveyor Belt is running and straight for the Conveyor Belt to run directly, the Conveyor Belt in the no-load must have a good groove, to ensure that the Conveyor Belt and The horizontal roller is in close contact and a positive running conveyor has all the rollers and rollers must be perpendicular to the conveyor centerline
For conveyors with shorter distances, a tensioned wire centerline can be used as a guide for the rollers and rollers to be at right angles to the Conveyor Belt. For installation, a connecting point Of the tension of the wire
A new conveyor should be properly loaded once the Conveyor Belt has been installed, but at the time of commissioning, there is a reasonable commissioning procedure. For the Conveyor Belt of the fabric core skeleton, the Conveyor Belt is first loaded and then stopped Overnight, and then the load operation of this process will speed up the commissioning time, in this process, the Conveyor Belt transverse uneven stress due to the slot and become stable, which can avoid the long time in the debugging of the no-load operation
1.1 normal operation
1.1.1 Tail roll
When a new conveyor is commissioned, consider the transfer of the Conveyor Belt to the middle of the head roll. All rollers are mounted at right angles to the centerline of the conveyor, but will be useful when the Conveyor Belt enters reciprocating operation. In the commissioning, if there is a buffer roller at the tail, its fine-tuning will help guide the Conveyor Belt in the middle of the tail roller. If it is indeed necessary for the tail roller to deviate slightly from the center line, the Conveyor Belt will contact the side of the roller Part of the conveyor for a long distance from the conveyor, the first operation in the Conveyor Belt, the head and tail roller must have one person care
If a gravity tensioning device is used, make sure that the slide is in the correct position and that the rack is in a normal condition. If the Conveyor Belt deviates from the tension roller, the Conveyor Belt will wedge between the roller and the bracket, causing the Conveyor Belt to be Destruction
1.1.2 return plane
The next consideration is the return plane, if the Conveyor Belt in the return plane will cause side damage Installation of return plane roller
The return roller must also be perpendicular to the centerline of the conveyor. If the Conveyor Belt is poorly operated, the roller can be trimmed. If the support of the idler is bolted to the midsole, the position of the roller will be very convenient , The roller can move in any direction
When the idler is initially installed, the bolts are not tightened tightly and the bolts are tight enough to keep the rollers in the Conveyor Belt. When the Conveyor Belt is running, the position of the rollers can be adjusted with the hammer before tightening
If the roller side can not adequately adjust the idler, and the bolt is near the midpoint of the groove, the roller can be adjusted from the other side Adjustment of the return plane roller
The best position to start adjusting the return plane is the head of the conveyor starting from the low tension part of the Conveyor Belt, usually after the tensioning device if the Conveyor Belt is biased towards one side of the return idler, the Conveyor Belt edge will wear , The need to adjust the roller so that the Conveyor Belt on the center line should usually be adjusted roller is located in the Conveyor Belt before the offset point 1.5 to 6 meters, the Conveyor Belt will be the first contact with the side of the roller to move some A very small adjustment of the roll set may have sufficient effect, preferably only for a larger adjustment of one or two sets of rollers
However, the effect of roller adjustment does not occur immediately, after each adjustment to wait for a few minutes and then further adjustments to adjust the roller is the best time to run the Conveyor Belt, but for a single walking side of the conveyor, All adjustments If it is not possible to operate from the side of the conveyor, it is dangerous to extend the hand to the other side while the Conveyor Belt is running. If the garment is in contact with the Conveyor Belt near the roller point, the arm may be easily carried
Therefore, when the Conveyor Belt to adjust the roller to pay special attention to safe operation
1.1.3 bearing surface Installation of carrier roller
In order to be able to maximize the adjustment, but also the first to install the slot roller, the roller bolts close to the bottom of the base groove position if the Conveyor Belt when the slot is good, and the load roller on the center line, Debugging will be very difficult Adjustment of bearing surface roller
The adjustment required for the carrier roller is started from the tail roller, and if necessary, the hammer can be used to light the base to fine-tune the angle of the roller and the centerline. As with the introduction of the return plane roller, the Conveyor Belt will first contact the carrier The side of the roll moves