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How To Reduce The Pollution Of Rubber Sheet Products

Sep 08, 2017

How to reduce the pollution of Rubber Sheet products

Rubber plate manufacturers through a unique structure of the high temperature caused by its excellent heat aging resistance, anti-cracking aging and wear resistance, can significantly improve the service life of high temperature and to avoid the job site due to rubber belt caused by the Environmental pollution, to meet the steel, cement and other industries high temperature material delivery requirements, to solve the high temperature material delivery efficiency is not high big problem, mainly in the face of plastic and non-working surface covered with glue between the tape with a core Body rubber Rubber Sheet, through the molding and curing process to make it firmly into a whole; its implementation process: First, the binary ethylene propylene or ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene glycol into the mixer preload After mixing, add the thermal agent, antioxidant and then mixing, then add the reinforcing agent, softener, aramid short fiber for mixing, processed into a section of rubber or masterbatch, until the mother rubber parked and then add Mixer to continue mixing, and adding cross-linking agent and co-crosslinking agent by mixing even after the row of plastic, processing to form the final rubber, and then the final rubber refining by the film into the film, film and tensile Canvas with billet paste synthesis Rubber plate manufacturers are the inevitable trend of modern economy.Through years of hard work, has been in the high temperature Rubber Sheet and other products accumulated a significant competitive advantage. Team advantage, is the company culture The company's loyalty, ownership and confidence is the company's past, present and future development of the most important pillar of the production of Rubber Sheet accessories, conveyor The price is also very reasonable, the quality is guaranteed. Rubber plate manufacturers of sprinkling is a common problem, the reasons are many, in the specific use of the specific use and failure of the reasons for a systematic analysis of the Of the fault to make certain judgments, in accordance with certain ways and principles of maintenance and repair, to ensure that the use of monks in the value and role.

Rubber Sheet manufacturers in the "seven five" period, put the high strength and resistance to burning Rubber Sheet as the focus of technological transformation. Today's rubber plate manufacturers to the rapid development trend, the rapid occupation of the material delivery market in the development of such a rapid current era, If you want to keep a long time in the king of the land, you must master the direction of development. Strengthen the special purpose Rubber Sheet research and development. Further development of circular Rubber Sheet, mining Rubber Sheet, large angle Rubber Sheet and intelligent multi-purpose anti- It is possible to meet the needs of the coal mine with a layered fabric core Rubber Sheet and a low smoke and low toxicity flame-retardant Rubber Sheet.It will be industrialized by straight weft belt Rubber Sheet; to improve the tubular Rubber Sheet and large angle Rubber Sheet The development of energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly new products instead of old products. Light Rubber Sheet is a fine product in Rubber Sheet, low investment, low energy consumption, high technical content, high value-added products. With the economic development, scientific and technological progress and improve the degree of modernization, the market demand for light Rubber Sheet is growing, to guide users to use light Rubber Sheet.

Rubber Sheet manufacturers of sprinkling material is a common problem, the reasons are many, in the specific use of the specific use of the situation and the reasons for the failure of a systematic analysis of the failure to make some judgments, according to certain The way and the principle of maintenance and repair, to ensure the use of the value and role in the use of monks, but the focus is to strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of the transfer point of the spices at the transfer point of the material is mainly in the hopper, Etc. If the Rubber Sheet is seriously overloaded, the Rubber Sheet manufacturer's guide trough block rubber skirt is damaged and the steel plate at the trough groove is designed to be longer than the belt. The rubber skirt is longer and the material is out of the guide trough. Can be in the control of transport capacity, to enhance the maintenance of the settlement.Stable section of the belt when the scavenging of the conveyor belt interval when the radius of curvature of the concave section will be small when the belt will be vacant, then the belt into the slot situation changes, because the belt Has left the trough roller group, the general groove angle becomes smaller, so that part of the material spilled out.