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How To Prevent V Belt

Aug 08, 2017

How to prevent V Belt
        At present, many manufacturers of V Belt manufacturers to prevent the V Belt tear, do a lot of testing equipment and equipment, and achieved some results, but because of the V Belt tear for many reasons, therefore, to prevent V Belting method Is not very perfect. Here is my factory to provide customers with the method:
        1, to strengthen the management of equipment, to improve the inspection and inspection to the V belt, to avoid the fall of the sharp material;
        2, to improve the structure of the device itself, reduce the material conveying speed, reduce the impact of intensity;
        3, from the source to prevent tearing, increase the removal of equipment, reduce debris;
        4, for the equipment to increase the tear detection equipment, in the event of tear when the alarm can be issued for the manufacturers to reduce losses.
V Belt manufacturers through the use of a unique structure of the high temperature to bring it with excellent heat aging resistance, anti-cracking aging and wear resistance, can significantly improve the service life of high temperature and to avoid the job site due to rubber belt causes Environmental pollution, to meet the steel, cement and other industries high temperature material delivery requirements, to solve the high temperature material delivery efficiency is not high big problem, mainly in the face of plastic and non-working surface covered with glue between the tape with a core Body rubber V belt, through the molding and curing process to make it firmly integrated as a whole; its implementation process: First, the binary ethylene propylene or ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene glycol added to the mixer preload After mixing, adding heat agent, antioxidant and then mixing, and then adding reinforcing agent, softener, aramid short fiber for mixing, processed into a section of rubber or masterbatch, until the mother rubber parked and then add Mixing machine to continue mixing, and adding cross-linking agent and co-crosslinking agent by mixing even after the row of plastic, processing the formation of final rubber, and then the final rubber refining by the film into the film, film and tensile Canvas with a paste fit, rolled up The value of the manufacturer of light V Belt manufacturers accounted for a lower percentage of the value of the integrated production line or the transportation equipment, but it is an indispensable part of the normal operation of the equipment. If there is a problem, Daily production and management have a significant adverse impact.Therefore, the downstream direct users of the service requirements of the higher timeliness, which requires enterprises to keep abreast of the customer's V Belt use and be able to replace, repair V Belt needs in a short time Therefore, the construction of market service network is one of the important ways to meet the market competition of light V Belt manufacturers.While V Belt manufacturers have a wide range of applications, the product performance requirements are very fine, different industry performance requirements difference Larger.
Downstream industry, the different application environment and use of light V Belt manufacturers performance requirements vary greatly, the technical capacity of the enterprise made a very high demand.In this regard, enterprises need to cover the material modification, skeleton fabric processing and to find The appropriate backing material and the best manufacturing process in order to achieve different V Belt performance, part of the performance of high-end products also need to combine advanced rolling technology to achieve the domestic V belt manufacturers in good condition, but there will still be some Ignoring the existence of these problems is also unpredictable, V belt is a more important part of the V Belt accessories, but also the basic use of V Belt.With the transmission equipment and V Belt equipment manufacturing industry's rapid development, some enterprises on the V With the growing demand, especially some large industrial and mining, metallurgical enterprises, they are no longer limited to low-priced products, but quality and cheap is the first choice, they have a certain number of V Belt and quality requirements, V belt manufacturers are the primary factor in the choice of these customers on the V belt manufacturers manufacturers, V belt manufacturers is the core of product quality and service, as long as the V belt manufacturers noted that this And put into action, we believe we can win customers a good reputation, recognized by the market with manufacturers .V horizontal machining is critical because efforts are often generate a large portion of the pump body flange face at right angles.