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How To Increase The Lifespan Of The Rubber Conveyor Belt

Jul 03, 2017

1.To Improve conveyor belt hopper.

To Improve the hopper is one of the effective measures to prevent the damage of conveyor belt in early time. To improve the hopper in the transfer of belt conveyor , make it’s ability of making material through to be 2.5 times. Long and large materials are not so easy to be carded between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt during the process of conveying. This can reduce the probability of the belt corn by materials

Along the conveyor belt running direction , make the Clearance between the material feeding apron and conveyor belt to be more and more big. This will resolve problem that the coal, stone stuck in between the belt and the skirt plate. Belt damaged by this stuck can be avoid. For Gap larger hopper, to install a direct hit buffer baffle inside is a good way to avoid the material directly impact on the conveyor belt

2.To add material scrape device in the place of redirection roller.

Eliminate the redirection roller material bonding problem, solve the local damaged caused by roller sticky material conveyor belt.

3. Improvement of transition place in the head, tail and middle of conveyor. 

Transverse strength and  transverse method have a great influence on the service life of conveyor belt. a reasonable transition design, can reduce the wear of surface  rubber conveyor and Ensure there are no fold and middle convex phenomena of conveyor belt, no material leaking in blanking.

4. Conveyor Pressure pulley in concave transition pulley.

Carry out a proof, steel cable conveyor belt transverse strength is insufficient, start up, conveyor belt pulley cause local force is too large, lead to tear of conveyor belt, to use Pressure roller instead of pressure pulley, can thoroughly solve this problem.

5.Reduce load weight of long arm conveyor belt.

Coal yard starker boom conveyor belt system initial service life is very short, heavy counterweight design is a important reason of conveyor belt tension is too large, premature aging and cracks.

6.Adjust Material flow direction .

TO make the material flow in the same direction with conveyor belt , can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

7.Conveyor belt local damage repair technology to extend the service life.

(1) local heat vulcanization.(2) local cold splash, the product has a German di put technology liquid polymer composite repair materials, but need to room temperature curing around 10 h;(3) local cold sticky, article put in Germany to repair a T2 (longitudinal fissure), cold adhesive compound rubber longitudinal crack wall (needs special glue guns).(4) the conveyor belt spraying technology to repair. Curing time is short, it is suitable for Yu Liancheng partial wear, the effect is very good, the disadvantage is that need special equipment.

8.Choose the belt type reasonable and maintenance.

Rational selection type, according to seasonal changes in a timely manner to adjust along the rectifying device, prevent bask in hood and winter maintenance measures can also extend the life of the conveyor belt.