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How To Improve The Service Life Of Conveyor Belt

Jul 17, 2017

How to improve the service life of Conveyor Belt

In recent years, with the European and American countries for coal and the need of our country southern rain this year, major hydropower station were full load operation, at the same time become the enterprise energy saving and emission reduction, and the nation's top priority, integrated time become the cause of the decline in coal prices this year all the way. The decrease of coal price has greatly affected the enthusiasm of upstream enterprises to put into production, and it is of great importance to improve the internal resource recycling of enterprises. Far not take Conveyor Belt believe for each coal mining enterprises is a lot of money, now I want to simple say some problems about improving conveyer belt, some questions about improve the fixed number of year of the Conveyor Belt.

In what way? The author summarizes a few points, you might as well borrow a reference.

1. Improve the hopper of Conveyor Belt. Improving the hopper of Conveyor Belt is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of Conveyor Belt. To improve the transfer of the hopper, belt conveyor's ability to make it through the foreign body increases 2.5 times, long, large foreign body in the process of conveying not easy card between the funnel wall and Conveyor Belt, reduce the probability of foreign bodies torn Conveyor Belt.

Hopper in the feed apron, the clearance between the Conveyor Belt and make it along the Conveyor Belt running direction is more and more big, the solution to the coal, stone stuck in between the belt and the skirt plate, Conveyor Belt injury caused so. Large hopper, internal mounting buffer, avoid direct impact Conveyor Belt.

2. Add shaving device to the roller. In the Conveyor Belt along the Conveyor Belt, it is equipped with a scraper device, which eliminates the problem of the material bonding to the drum, and solves the local damage of the Conveyor Belt caused by the drum stick.

3. Transfer of the head, tail and the middle of the transfer process. The transition length and transition mode of the conveyor's head, tail and middle reprint are greatly affected by the service life of the Conveyor Belt. It is necessary to make reasonable transition design, so as to minimize the wear of the rubber face of the Conveyor Belt, ensure that the folding of the Conveyor Belt and the middle bulge are not present, and the material is not leaking.

4. Pressure belt wheel of conveyor at concave transition. Carry out a proof, steel cable Conveyor Belt transverse strength is insufficient, startup, Conveyor Belt pulley cause local force is too large, lead to tear Conveyor Belt, brings pressure all round instead of pressure roller, can thoroughly solve the problem.

5. Weight loss of the Conveyor Belt of large machine arm. The initial service life of the Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt of coal mine system is very short. Heavy design is the important reason for the excessive tension and premature crack aging of the Conveyor Belt. On the basis of satisfying the tension of the Conveyor Belt, the service life of coal transported from 1.5 million t to 4.5 million t after the weight loss was reduced. Material piling and taking machine 200000 t mine system counterweight boom Conveyor Belt to the original design of 25 t (including drum of balancing weight), original German import tensile steel wire with homework in less than 3 million t serious tensile scrap, after two lightening reduce weight 6 t, domestic ordinary steel wire belt, down more than 8 million t.

6. Material flow direction adjustment. The material flow direction has important influence on the service life of the Conveyor Belt. It should make the material flow in the same direction as the Conveyor Belt, which can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

7. Prolong the service life of Conveyor Belt local damage repair technology. (1) local heat vulcanization; This is what you often call a Conveyor Belt that needs to be equipped with a vulcanization machine. (2) local cold splash, the product has the German dipt technology liquid macromolecule composite repair material, but needs room temperature to cure 10h; (3) local cold adhesion, adopt the German dipt repair bar (longitudinal slit), cold glue one T2 compound glue longitudinal fill the crack plug (need special glue gun). Advantage is that the two methods of manpower is less, has good wear resistance and reinforcing properties, shorter recovery time, the disadvantage is that the environmental requirement is high, can't restore to the original Conveyor Belt surface is flat and level requirements; (4) Conveyor Belt spray-on repair technology. The technology is to mix several kinds of liquid materials with special equipment, high-pressure spray to wear belt wear surface, according to need to spray a certain thickness of wear-resisting layer. The curing time is short, applicable to the local wear of the film, the effect is very good, the drawback is the need special equipment.

8. Reasonable selection of belt type and maintenance. Reasonable selection of the type, according to seasonal change adjustment along the line of rectifying devices, plus sun protection and winter maintenance measures can also extend the life of the Conveyor Belt.

9. Other management issues. Strengthen the management of roller and sweeper, and change the damage in time. Control tape load start.