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How To Ensure The Normal Operation Of The Conveyor Belt

Jun 14, 2017

How to ensure the normal operation of the Conveyor Belt

The use of Conveyor Belt, involving the surface has been very wide, as long as the transport device with the occasion can see the Conveyor Belt. Conveyor Belt with operational safety, easy to use, saving manpower and resources and many other advantages, can reduce the project cost and create greater benefits.

Conveyor Belt maintenance is relatively simple, and maintenance costs are not high, by the community's favor. Because of its wide range of use, how to ensure the normal operation of the Conveyor Belt is also a concern for many business topics.

The first line is guaranteed that there is no problem with the conveyor itself, the Conveyor Belt is only a hub, its operation or rely on the conveyor device, the device is good or bad is to determine whether the normal operation of the first factor.

Second, whether the tape is matched with the delivery, it is the factor that determines the proper operation of the Conveyor Belt. Whether the tape is intact, whether the problem has been dealt with, and whether the goods placed on the Conveyor Belt are reasonably affected will directly affect the operation of the Conveyor Belt.

In addition, the operator should have the expertise to operate the conveyor and repair conveyor, find the problem, timely repair and timely treatment, the harm strangled in the cradle.

Whether the normal operation of the tape will affect the production efficiency of enterprises, to attract attention.

Conveyor Belt edge wear is mainly belt Conveyor Belt with the frame when the friction and wear. The Conveyor Belt should be operated on the centerline of the roller group, but the Conveyor Belt is often deviated from the centerline due to the defects caused by the manufacture, installation and use of the conveyor. In general, the Conveyor Belt in the width direction to allow 5% of the deviation, when running too much, the Conveyor Belt and the roller bracket, rack contact caused by glue, serious deviation, and even make the Conveyor Belt over Such as drum radial radial screw head, sweepers block and other raised parts, or rack clearance is too small, easy to cause the Conveyor Belt tear, cover the plastic local peeling and scratches.

Here are the precautions:

    Through the analysis of the wear factors of the Conveyor Belt, in the design of the belt conveyor, take appropriate preventive measures to extend the life of the Conveyor Belt. The design is usually optimized from the following five aspects to reduce the wear of the Conveyor Belt.

     1. Reasonable choice of Conveyor Belt

     2. Reduce the wear of conveyor parts to the Conveyor Belt.

     3. Feeding device structure optimization.

     4. Reduce the impact of the conveyor process on the Conveyor Belt.

     5. With electromechanical protection device.

    The application of the conveyor will continue to deepen, the use will be more and more wide, but the conveyor construction investment, Conveyor Belt manufacturing cost is high, maintenance of the large workload, let us in how to extend the use of conveyor and Conveyor Belt Life on the subject of continuous research, the type of conveyor to be more fully used.