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How To Avoid Rubber Track Temperature Is Too High

Sep 19, 2017

How to avoid Rubber Track temperature is too high
The Rubber Track used in industrial production is in constant contact with the roller and the process continues to produce high temperatures. The longer the longer temperature will lead to the performance of the Rubber Track, the Rubber Track joint temperature can have the highest limit, generally do not exceed the maximum limit of normal requirements.
Of course, the different Rubber Track can accept the maximum temperature is not the same, the environment is also different, Rubber Track in the open site, its direct sunlight will also heat up, and then in this scenario, the Rubber Track surface heat dissipation The closed workshop will be faster. Even if the highest temperature is not reached, the long-term use of the conveyor will have an adverse effect.
As described above, it is not possible to reach the maximum prescribed temperature even if it is not reached. The rated temperature of the Rubber Track is determined by both the rubber vulcanizing agent and the added accelerator. Most of the roller manufacturers in order to ensure the production of the delivery of products with high security, usually the Rubber Track used vulcanized components of the temperature set higher. This time when the extreme temperature, the delivery will not be vulnerable, you can withstand a long time heat, to maintain the normal state.
Of course, the processing of conveying the process must also be improved, the vulcanizing agent material is on the one hand, the process of processing the roller can not be underestimated. In the process of adding the process to join the point of time to extend the curing time measures can be easily guaranteed to achieve a higher level. For the protection of the performance of the conveyor, it is recommended to use the roller as far as possible at room temperature or slightly lower temperature industrial base.
In the Rubber Track to take the core to wear a flexible shaft, and will be a good roll, put on the shelves before the next, under the direction of the next plastic cover not anti.
In the workplace where the shelves are not available, the Rubber Track roll can be guided and the Rubber Track at the fold is provided with a sufficiently large radius of curvature to prevent damage to the Rubber Track, which prohibits placing heavy objects on the Rubber Track
If the Rubber Track is replaced, the new belt can be connected with the old belt, unloading and installation of the new Rubber Track at the same time.
For the horizontal operation of the conveyor, at any point to cut off the old conveyor, tilt the direction of the conveyor, you need to choose a cut off point, to prevent slippage due to self-control out of control.
After the new belt is put on the conveyor, the one end of the tape is fixed with a jig and then connected to the rope with the pulley and the pulley, and the Rubber Track is stretched to the conveyor by the traction device. To prevent the Rubber Track and the rack squeeze each other.
Secure one end of the Rubber Track with the clamp to the conveyor frame and the other end to the other end by the pulley until the Rubber Track has no obvious sag on the return idler.
Rubber Track manufacturers in the actual use of a good product advantages and characteristics of the machine transport capacity of high efficiency, in the case of suitable conditions can also be mining up the mountain transport, after the modified mining belt Rubber Track can be used for large Dumping of the inclined shaft transport of coal materials, etc. Mine Rubber Track in use in accordance with the normal way to use, to prevent unnecessary failure, affecting the normal life, attention in the use of maintenance and maintenance. At present, industrial rubber products Such as EP T9650 EPDM rubber has excellent weather resistance, can effectively resist ultraviolet and ozone erosion, is the ideal building seal material. EP T 6470 EPDM rubber is also successfully applied in the Tianjin Olympic The construction of the sports field in the top of the seal. Different rubber products are used in the building, in the building of the seal have played an important role in order to enhance the industrial rubber products innovation capacity, and constantly improve the existing product level and promote new product development And applications, focusing on improving, developing polymers to meet the growing needs of Chinese customers. Rubber Trackers in China There are important prospects for the development of different areas and industries are widely used and promote the use of different value and role of Rubber Track manufacturers in the transport and storage should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, to prevent and Acid, alkali oil, organic solvents and other substances in contact, and from the heating device one meter away, the direction of delivery should be along with the direction of the tape, in order to reduce the impact of the material when the tape should be used chute, reduce the material falling distance; Tape tape should be shortened between the roller spacing and the use of buffer roller, in order to prevent leakage, with a side should be soft and moderate baffle plate, so as not to block the board too hard, scratch the Rubber Track belt. Should be maintained between -180C-400C, the relative temperature should be maintained at between 50-80%. Conveyor tape type, structure, specifications, layers should be based on the use of reasonable selection, the conveyor belt speed should not be greater than 2.5 meters / Sec, large block, high wear and tear, and the use of fixed type of unloading device should be used as low as possible.