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Flat Transmission Belt Should Pay Attention To The Problem During Transport

Jul 27, 2017

Flat Transmission Belt should pay attention to the problem during transport
        When using a crane to carry Flat Transmission Belts, it is best to use rope and steel bar lifting. First, a steel bar through the core with a mandrel hole, and the rope with a strut hanging rod at both ends of the Flat Transmission Belt lifting. When lifting, be careful not to damage the belt. In the absence of steel bars and brackets, a fabric rope with sufficient strength may also be lifted through the mandrel hole. But in the rope and contact with the place, should be pad an object to prevent the rope off the edge of the Flat Transmission Belt. Do not put the spreader into the tape lifting, not the rope around the coil lifting, to prevent the roll to the side of the slip. It is also possible to use a forklift with sufficient carrying capacity, but not to damage the outer ring of the Flat Transmission Belt.
Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers through the use of a unique structure of the high temperature to bring it with excellent heat aging resistance, anti-cracking aging and wear resistance, can significantly improve the service life of high temperature and to avoid the job site due to rubber belt caused by the Environmental pollution, to meet the steel, cement and other industries high temperature material delivery requirements, to solve the high temperature material delivery efficiency is not high big problem, mainly in the face of plastic and non-working surface covered with glue between the core with a tensile Body of the rubber Flat Transmission Belt, through the molding and curing process to make it firmly integrated as a whole; its implementation process: First, the binary ethylene propylene rubber or ethylene propylene rubber and EPDM rubber into the mixer preload After mixing, adding heat agent, antioxidant and then mixing, and then adding reinforcing agent, softener, aramid short fiber for mixing, processed into a section of rubber or masterbatch, until the mother rubber parked and then add Mixing machine to continue mixing, and adding cross-linking agent and co-crosslinking agent by mixing even after the row of plastic, processing the formation of final rubber, and then the final rubber refining by the film into the film, film and tensile Canvas with blank paste The proportion of the manufacturer of the light Flat Transmission Belt is low, but it is the indispensable part of the normal operation of the equipment. If there is a problem, Will have a significant negative impact on the customer's day-to-day production and management.
Therefore, the downstream direct users of the service requirements of the higher timeliness, which requires companies to keep abreast of the customer's Flat Transmission Belt with the use of the situation and be able to replace, repair Flat Transmission Belt needs in a short time to respond.Therefore, the market service network Of the construction of light Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers to deal with one of the important ways to compete in the market.Light Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers of products is widely used in product performance requirements are very fine, different performance requirements vary in different industries downstream industry, different application environments And the use of light Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers performance requirements vary widely, the technical capacity of the enterprise made a high demand.In this regard, enterprises need to cover the material modification, skeleton fabric processing and find the right backing materials and The best manufacturing process in order to achieve a different Flat Transmission Belt performance, part of the performance of high-end products also need to combine advanced rolling technology to achieve the domestic Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers of good development, but there will still be some problems can not be ignored, these The problem is also unpredictable, flattened One of the more important parts of the belt is the Flat Transmission Belt accessories, but also the basic use of Flat Transmission Belts.
With the rapid development of conveyor equipment and Flat Transmission Belt equipment manufacturing industry, some enterprises on the growing demand for Flat Transmission Belts, especially some large industrial and mining, metallurgical enterprises, they are no longer limited to low-cost products, but quality and cheap Is the preferred, they are Flat Transmission Belt and the quality of certain requirements, service and thoughtful Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers are the primary factor in the choice of these customers.For Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers manufacturers, the Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers is the core of product quality and service, as long as Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers to pay attention to this point, and put into action, I believe will certainly be able to win the customer's good reputation, get market recognition. Flat Transmission Belt manufacturers horizontal processing is the key, because the effort is often produced by the pump flange face large part Right angle.