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Flat Transmission Belt Freight Costs Do Not Ignore, How To Reduce Freight Costs

Jun 28, 2017

Flat Transmission Belt freight costs do not ignore, how to reduce freight costs
Flat Transmission Belt in the actual operation and operation, summed up the more cost savings, improve profit margins. These points are often overlooked by some clerks. When the finished price, the actual settlement after the end of accounting, basically do not make money, and even some orders to accompany. Some orders are almost profitable for 0. So what should we pay attention to?
1, quote, remember to follow their own formula with the profit point, reported directly to the customer. Flat Transmission Belts are generally shipped. Some clerks do not plan. Encountered far away, often not allowed to calculate. May some clerk will say, who do not know ah, of course, far away will be more points. But how much do you count? Minus your hospitality and the like, do you make money? Vicious price competition, only allow customers to see the price.
2, must be completed. The total price, to reduce the hospitality and freight, to really calculate how much profit. Instead of just adding the profit point to the end.
3, the end of the holidays, we must first ask the general situation of logistics. Can not blindly report the date of production and transportation, are not allowed to often lose confidence in the customer. Moreover, the holiday freight is 0.5-1 times higher than usual.
4. often a lot of logistics is not delivery. But also with the delivery fee. Some non-integrity of the logistics, to see you quickly sent to the original 100-200 yuan can be sent to customers there, often to 400-500 yuan. At that time you will not send it. Just there pausing. So, to separate the price sent to the site and sent to the site.
5, logistics to find long-term cooperation, but the middle of the non-stop to consult the other logistics companies. In order to compare prices. Some logistics is transferred to others, has been turned several times. Sometimes the goods in a place, with a variety of reasons to 忽悠 you. Delay more than 10 days also can not send the goods.
Flat Transmission Belt with the use of the process, easy to out of the rubber layer of aging, off the phenomenon, Baoding Bada Tape Co., Ltd. after research,
The factors that cause the aging of the rubber are as follows: 1) oxygen: oxygen in the rubber with the rubber molecules free radical chain reaction, molecular chain fracture or excessive cross-linking, causing changes in rubber properties. Oxidation is one of the important reasons for the aging of rubber. 2) Ozone, ozone chemical activity is much higher than oxygen, more destructive, it is also the molecular chain fracture, but the role of ozone on the rubber with the rubber deformation or not different. When used as a deformed rubber (mainly unsaturated rubber), there is a crack that is perpendicular to the direction of the stress, the so-called "ozone cracking"; when the rubber is deformed, only the oxide film is formed on the surface without cracking. 3)) Heat: Raising the temperature can cause thermal cracking or thermal crosslinking of the rubber. But the basic role of heat or activation. Increase the rate of oxygen diffusion and activation of oxidation, thereby accelerating the rate of oxidation of rubber, which is a common phenomenon of aging - thermal aging. 4) light: the shorter the light, the greater the energy. The damage to the rubber is the high energy of ultraviolet light. In addition to UV can directly lead to the rubber molecular chain of the fracture and cross-linking, the rubber due to the absorption of light energy generated free radicals, trigger and accelerate the oxidation chain reaction process. UV light plays the role of heating. The other characteristic of the light action (unlike the thermal effect) is that it is mainly in the rubber surface. High rate of plastic samples, both sides will appear reticular cracks, the so-called "light outside the split."