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Factors Affecting V Belt Service Life

Jul 27, 2017

Factors Affecting V Belt Service Life
  V Belt life will not be very long, because the use of its own environment determines its life, the operation of their own back and forth friction and transport objects to bring the friction, if used inappropriate then the service life will be shorter. V Belt life is not long not to say after buying how long will not be damaged, but can be used for several years compared to the use of a little shorter life. Master the factors that affect the life of the V Belt, try to reduce wear and prolong the service life. V Belt manufacturers with your understanding:
    First V-band quality is a decisive factor, with the V with a long time can be used, and some will not break with a few times, which is related to the quality of their own.
    V Belt use is also a more important factor, the use of the tilt and speed, transport load and working time; transport material temperature and environment; conveyor rack, drag, roller design and installation of the impact, etc. are due to the use of the problem And cause.
    V Belt with normal operation, the belt speed is not lower than the roller speed of 95%. If the roller and V Belt friction is not enough, V Belt is prone to slip phenomenon. Caused by roller and V Belt friction is not enough for many reasons, common are: tension is not enough, load start, roller surface friction coefficient is not enough.
    V Belt manufacturers use helical tension or hydraulic tension of the belt conveyor can be adjusted when the tension slip stroke to increase the tension. However, sometimes the tension stroke is not enough, V Belt with a permanent deformation, then the belt can be cut off a section of re-vulcanization. When using the V Belt requires a longer tension stroke, when the stroke is not enough can also be re-vulcanization or increase the tension stroke to solve.
    V with the slip of the treatment method is nothing more than the above method, can effectively prevent slippage, to ensure that the V zone of the militant work.
    PVCV Belt in the course of the role of the role of force is not prone to deviation under the phenomenon, but also because of the impact of the external environment, if there is deviation, not long time will run away from the track, can not work The The deviation of the conveyor is due to the parallelism between the conveyor rollers, the verticality between the conveyor centerline and the roller axis, and the stability.
    To solve the problem of PVCV with the first to the above reasons may be one by one to exclude the above problems to ensure that the inspection is good, for the use of V to provide a good environment, refused to appear deviation. When the V Belt is in the working state requires a certain tension, the use of screw tension adjustable tension mechanism, its high reliability. With the transport speed, the tension will be controlled within a certain range, the opportunity will be much less deviation.
   V wear the use of V can not be avoided, to understand which part is the most prone to wear and tear, try to minimize the wear and tear to extend the service life. The following V Belt manufacturer for you to briefly introduce the V Belt easily affected by the three parts.
1. V Belt connector is more serious wear and tear, V Belt manufacturer itself and other parts of the joint, even if done in the formation, there is still a gap, it will cause friction.
2. V Belt skirt parts of the wear and tear, due to V Belt guide device skirt improper adjustment or poor design of the skirt, will cause the skirt in the running wear V Belt.
3. V Belt manufacturers encountered more serious situation is the middle part, because each time the first part of the transport is the middle part of the long time to use the middle part of the friction thinning, seriously affecting the service life. No matter what part of the wear and tear, the use of V Belt wear is inevitable, in order to normal use often check to ensure the safety of V Belt.