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Environmental Protection V Belt Is The Inevitable Development Of Modern Economy

Oct 10, 2017

In the international market environment, China's rubber industry V Belt industry in the face of the new environment, how to maintain a good momentum of sustained development, more and more attention from the industry. China in the "seven five" period, put the high strength and resistance to burning V Belt as the focus of technological transformation.
The country is also focused on safety, energy saving, environmental protection, high-strength V Belt, such products in the market has also been a user's trust, in response to the call of the state, the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving V-products. It seems that the development prospects of rubber V Belt is considerable, I believe the future competition is very intense.
After more than 20 years of efforts, high-tech products have become the leading products, including, to prevent the material down for long-distance transport of circular pit V Belt for food, electronic products such as non-polluting light V Has occupied the market dominance. Is the tire after the rubber industrial products, mainly for coal, wharf, metallurgy, machinery industry and warehousing industry, the material transmission, the product quality of the national economy and technology development level.
V-band development trend of the world today is: to more varieties, high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, long life direction. It is not difficult to see, now V Belt industry to take the road is undoubtedly to take a variety of, and to high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, safe, environmentally friendly direction. Environmental protection has always been a policy advocated by the state, and for V Belt with environmental protection is even more important, the state for the pollution of the environment in some areas is limited. So whether it is in response to the call of the state, or for the development of the environment itself. Environmental protection V Belt is the inevitable trend of modern economy.
For the most common V Belt installation and use is far from enough, we want to normal operation of the machine from the user's V Belt security maintenance, it must be for some of the mechanical structure and the principle of a certain understanding, so Must take the necessary measures at the appropriate time. But generally use only a very short life, of course, V Belt life can be extended.
In the study of the V Belt life with many years of study found that after a standard life expectancy can still once again extend its life. Today to give you a description of the extended V Belt life of a few tips.
1, to improve the V Belt hopper, but also must be at the scraping device. Especially for the along the direction of the roller to add scraping device to eliminate the material to the drum to the bonding problem, so that you can effectively carry out the V Belt with local damage maintenance.
2, the conveyor belt any transitional claw pulley. In our years of practical experience, summed up the steel cord V Belt transverse strength is insufficient, to minimize the rubber V rubber and the loss, to ensure that there is no rubber V Belt of the fold and the material does not spill the material. So in the processing of the pulley caused by the V Belt of the local force is too large, resulting in tearing V Belt, the music wheel umbrella to the belt roller.
3, the conveyor roller roller at any transition of the claw pulley. Practice has confirmed that the rope-type rubber V Belt transverse strength is insufficient, due to excessive pressure caused by this can be resolved, the music belt to the roller with a roller.
After the above practices, your V Belt, I believe you can help, the same cost since not only reduced, the efficiency also increased with the cost reduction.