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Causes Of Damage To Flat Transmission Belt And Its Prevention

Jun 14, 2017

Causes of Damage to Flat Transmission Belt and Its Prevention

These precautions include: (1) Replacement of the hopper at all discharge points of the coal feeder and the inclination of the hopper and the addition of a cushioning element in the lower part thereof. The large gangue is no longer directly hit on the flat belt and reduces its impact on the flat belt force. ② will be all the coal point of the guide groove and flat belt leather lengthened, and an additional 3 ~ 5m of the network guide material network, large coal gangue after the net was blocked by the flat belt along the direction of movement, and Not stuck or fall between the roller carrier and the return section of the flat belt. ③ in the idler rack welding several reinforcement bracket, the welding port using welding to increase the strength of the roller frame; in the idler above the slot to add a hanging hook hook to fix the roller, so that the roller will not be smashed under.

(4) Increase the roller deck density at the lowest of the roadway where all the belt conveyor is installed, that is, add two idlers to each idler stand to reduce the span of the roller frame, The gangue is no longer sagging on the idler. ⑤ Make 4 U-rings, fasten the four corners of the trolley on the rails, prevent it from jumping up and down and swing around, to avoid the lodging, but does not prevent the movement before and after, does not affect the adjustment according to working conditions flat belt tension Force, nor does it affect the normal operation of the tensioning device. ⑥ strengthen the conveyor safety protection device routine maintenance and maintenance, to ensure a variety of protective devices sensitive and reliable, so that belt conveyor will not be a long time in the unprotected state of operation. Through the rectification, flat belt damage from 56.4% to 13.1%, greatly improving the transport efficiency.

We all know that the flat belt is the belt conveyor conveyor material carrier, is one of the most important part of the conveyor, but in the use of time will often have a problem, that is, tearing. Tear can be said to be a deadly killer of a flat belt, flat belt once the tear must be shut down to replace, waste a lot of time, so we should pay attention to tearing problems. Here are some of the reasons for the emergence of tearing phenomenon, so you can be vigilant.


    1, the delivery of materials containing sharp objects, these sharp objects are likely to scratch the flat belt, if the scratches once deep, it will be in the delivery of materials, especially those heavy materials, it is easy The phenomenon of tearing.

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    2, the belt deviation, if the flat belt deviation, it will make the flat belt of the force is not uniform, and some local force, and some local force small. In such a situation where the force will be prone to tear.