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How to tell the quality of heat resistant conveyor belt

Nov 24, 2016

Heat resistant conveyor belt is mainly used for metallurgy, building industry, conveyor sinter, coke, clinker and other high-temperature materials, how to tell the band's good or bad? Below we teach you a few pointers. 1, and select most for of tape not only depends on hot strain, also decided Yu chemical of mechanical of stress; 2, and by conveying material of temperature and tape of surface temperature according to material of composition, and nature, and surface structure shape and the grain degrees of changes and changes, as Dang chunks material temperature for 150 ℃ (coke or sintering ore) and and tape contact area compared hours, tape surface temperature can keep in 60~80℃. But Dang conveying cement powder material Shi, material temperature and with surface temperature of difference on rarely; 3, and heat conveying with of life by tape surface temperature of effect quite badly, and effect to cover rubber off block, and with core off layer, so, dang select tape Shi, consider tape surface temperature is important, also has environment temperature, tape returns Shi can full cooling; with speed and Center distance, are is worth note of;