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Heat-Resistant Conveyor Belt for Chemical Plant

Jan 12, 2017

Model NO.: steel cord conveyor belt; ep conveyor belt

Material: Rubber

Tensile Strength: Strong

Super Heat-Resistant Conveyor Belt: 100-400 Degree Centigrade

Usge Range: Gas Works, Iron & Steel Plant; Cement Plant

Transport Package: Roll

Feature: Oil-Resistant, Acid And Alkali Resistant, Tear-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Wear-Resistant

Grade of Heat-Resistant Property: Less Than 175 Degree Centigrade

Specification: good quality

Product Description

Heat-Resistant Conveyor Belt

1. Applications

Suitable for transportation of the sintering ore finished products, return fines, coke, cement clinker, lime, and special medicines for sintering plants, coke plants, coke plants, cement factories and chemical plants.

2. Classification of heat resistant belting 

 There are four heart-resistant grades according to the different temperature of carried material.

Grades of heat-resistant property

Working temperature

T1 ≤100ºC

T2 ≤125ºC

T3 ≤150ºC

T4 ≤175ºC

Super Heat-Resistant Conveyor Belt

Type of the cover rubber Temperature range of materials Belt surface temperature range Features Applications 

Super heat resistant(SUPER 100) 100~400 60~200  Resistant to high-temperature wear and suitable for the transportation of high temperature bulk materials

  No crack under normal circumstances, suitable for the transportation of powder materials Suitable for high-temperature materials such as sintering materials, coke, return fines and cement materials.

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