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Flat Transmission Belt

Feb 28, 2017

Conveyor Belt, Flat Transmission Belt, Rubber Belt manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Flat Transmission Belt, Patterned Conveyor Belt, Nylon Conveyor Belt and so on.  


Inside Material:Cotton

Tensile Strength:Strong

Physical and mechanical characteristics:

1. The overall thickness tensile strength of common flat belt (in table)

2. Elongation at break(in verticar tensile test, the elon-gation at break should not exceed 20%. )

3. Adhesion(adhesion between flat belt layers should be no less than 3.0N/mm)

4. Width=20 600mm

Cut edge flat rubber belt is manufactured by adhering several layers of full width canvas together. The sides of the belt are flat surfaces formed by cutting, the belt edge surfaces are coated with rubber paste.

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More information on  Flat Transmission Belthttp://www.conveyorbeltchn.com/flat-transmission-belt/