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Emphasis on future market performance requirements for conveyor belts

Nov 24, 2016

Future market for what are the performance requirements of today's conveyor belt conveyor belt for rapid development trend, and quickly occupied the material handling market. Growing so fast nowadays, conveyor belt if it is to remain King for a long time, you must master the development direction. Looking at today's conveyor belt market, conveyor belt should have a performance, which direction development in order to meet the market demand? Performance: strengthening the research and development of special purpose conveyor belt. Further development of the ore conveyor belts, conveyor belts, sidewall conveyor belt with large inclination and intelligent multifunctional tear resistant conveyor belts. II: development needed to meet mine with layered fabric core conveyer belt and low-smoke low-toxicity flame-retardant conveyor belt. Straight-straight weft industrial belt conveyor belt; increased tubular belt conveyor and inclined conveyor belts and other new types of conveyor technology, expanding market share. Performance: energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly products to replace old products.