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Conveyor Belt

Jan 09, 2017

conveyor belt

Cover Compounds

General, Fire-resistant, Cold-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, Heat-resistant and Chemical-resistant. tear-resistance steel cord .

Standard ,High-grade,  Ordinary nonflammable, Wear-resistant, Heat and wear-resistant, New-structure.

Standards offered

GB/T9770, DIN22131, EN ISO 15236, SANS1366 and AS1333.

Certificate: ISO9001:2008;SGS; Bureau Veritas Certificate

Steel cord conveyor belt features

1. High tensile strength

Steel cord conveyor belt is suitable for large span,long distance transportation of materials

2. Small elongation in use

It need only a very short take-up stroke distance.

3. Small diameter of drive pulley

Steel cord conveyor belt body has a layer of longitudinally arranged steel cords as its skeleton,and thus is resistant to flex fatigue.Therefore,drive pulley of smaller diameter can be used to make the equipment smaller.

4. High adhesion between rubber and steel cord

The steel cords are coated with zinc on their surface,and also the rubber used has the property of qood adhesion with steel cords.Therefore,the rubber is tighrly adhered to the steel cords and is resistant to shock and difficult to drop,so the rubber belts are long in life.

5. Even tension of steel cords

Out of our advanced techniques in manufacturing,the steel cords are very evenly arranged and have the same tension,so the belts are well balanced in running and difficult to run awry.

6. Good troughability

As the belt body has no transverse skeleton,it is easyv to from a deep trogh,so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.

7.Good troughability

Steel cord conveyor belt boby has no transverse skeleton,it is easy to from a deep trough,so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.

8. Inspection of the belt with X-rays

Users can X-rays to inspect damages of the skeleton steel cords on the conveyor machines to prevent accidents from happening.

Cover property and grade:

Tensile strdngth:        >=15Mpa     18Mpa      20Mpa       25Mpa

Elongation at break:  >=350%       400%       450%         450%

Aging tset(70oCx168h)

Change rate of tensile strength: -25~+25%

Change rate of elongation at break: -25~+25%

Abrasion                      <=200mm3  150mm3   120mm3   90mm3 


A: EP/NN/CC multi-ply is one of the best quality synthetic fibers that the rubber industry uses nowadays. The EP multi-ply belt is woven by polyester in warp and polyamide in weft, it is most widely used fabric in rubber industry, and its outstanding merits are high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength;

B: EP/NN/CC Conveyor belts has the characteristics of the low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good water resistance, wet strength is not reduced, not mildew, initial modulus polyester high, desirable safety coefficient is low.

C: EP/NN/CC Conveyor belts are suitable for long-distance and  high speed under the condition of high load conveying material , which is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry and architectural industry and ports. 


1. High belt strength, big safety coefficient.

2. The special canvas used for this product has excellent impact absorption property with high tearing strength and latitudinal strength.

3. Covering rubber has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, excellent tearing and abrasion resistance, good aging resistance and long life span.

4. High bonding strength between laminates no layers separation in use.

5. The buffer rubber has good elasticity, vibration reducing properties.

6. Unique production process, high application suitability, long life span.

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